International work being done by Gift of Hope

International Work

We have been asked to give our our experience, knowledge and assistance to other fledgling baby savers.  Their dedication and hard work are now saving babies in other parts of the world. 

From time to time people will ask us, "Why do you serve people outside the U.S.A.?" Our Several Sources by-laws state a simple purpose which is “to Spread the word of God.” Therefore we help people in need who come to us asking for our help per the Gospel of Matthew (28: 18, 19 and 20.) Matthew…18 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of allnations, baptizing them in the name of the Father,and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Mother's Advocate & Counselor Prim updates us below on just some of the stories of babies that have been saved at Our Gift of Hope in the Ukraine and Uganda.  Please pray for them and their mothers.


Stacy, born August, 2015, Ukraine

When Gloria (21 yrs) was 5 months pregnant her husband died. She lost all her property she had worked hard for with her husband. Her in–laws stole all the property and even threw her out of her house which they sold off. All this was done because they claimed Gloria had led to the death of their son. We got in touch with Gloria through Facebook where she wrote to us looking for help. Yes, Gloria contacted me through Facebook. We connected her to the Catholic church where she got free shelter as we supported her with basic needs, like pampers, baby food, baby cloths and food. She is in perfect condition and her baby is healthy.

Alexia, born July, 2015, Ukraine

When Amelia (18yrs) was 3 months pregnant she was being forced to carry out an abortion by her parents. They wanted their daughter in school not at home feeding babies. They knew that once she out of school all her chances in life would be destroyed. Amelia was afraid of aborting her baby because she had once watched the “Silent Scream” video which Kathy sends to us for mothers who are confused on abortions. Amelia found out about Gift of Hope-Ukraine through the Catholic church in her area. Amelia got to watch the Silent Scream video from one of our volunteer’s place who counsels women in need of help called Tarisai, Kathy sent us a copy of the film. We talked to Amelia’s parents and sent them the Silent Scream video and this is when they chose life for their grandchild. We provided Amelia with baby needs like pampers, baby food, clothing, baby bed, baby milk and baby food and she is happy with her baby.

Paul, born May, 2015, Ukraine

Vanessa (17yrs) needed to abort her baby when she learned of the fact that her baby dad was a drug addict and not ready to go to a rehab. Vanessa knew that her baby would have a bad father, so she opted for ending her baby’s life. Her parents didn’t know about her pregnancy. Her parents, being devoted Christians and knew about Gift of Hope-Ukraine through church, when they learned of their daughter’s pregnancy they asked us to talk to her. Vanessa had already set her mind on aborting. We tried counseling her and finally she chose life for her baby. We are glad the bible studies have helped her accept Christ in her life. Her baby was born healthy and strong.

Michael, born May, 2015, Ukraine

When Anita (19yrs) was 4months pregnant she lost her mother who was supporting her pregnancy because her baby dad had run away. The baby’s father ran away because he knew that responsibilities were coming his way, like being a full time dad who provides for his family needs like baby milk and requirements which are costly. Anita had lost hope and she was not ready to keep her baby. We met Anita through a friend of hers we had helped before through our baby saving work. This is when we talked to her about the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We gave her the spiritual books Kathy sends to us. We advised her to join a cell group next to her home for bible studies. We advise mothers to join near by cell groups due to the insecurity in the Ukraine that was caused by the war. So we only meet mothers in the day and at night we only use social media to communicate with them, like facebook and whatsapp. She finally kept her baby and we are supporting her in all ways possible, like paying for her medical checkups and paying for the baby’s vaccinations.

John, born February, 2015, Ukraine

When Priscilla (20yrs) was 2 months pregnant, her baby dad died of cancer. She was torn apart and everyone around her never wanted to help her through her pregnancy. She felt so lonely and depressed.

Priscilla decided to abort her pregnancy. On her way to the abortion clinic she came across our Gift of Hope posters showing what we do to save babies. She immediately contacted us.

We started counseling her and we asked her to direct us to where she lives. We visited her on several occasions and shared with her life stories of the mothers who live at Several Sources Shelters. She read some of the letters they had written to other mothers in need of help. She changed her mind because she got love from us. We are supporting her spiritually, financially and emotionally.

Keep praying for her because sometimes we fail to visit her due to the war going on in the Ukraine but we keep calling her just to check on her.

Peter, born February, 2015, Ukraine

Sandra (15yrs) needed help when her pregnancy was 3 months old. She was unable to take care of herself because she was not working by then. In fact, her parents never wanted anything to do with her since she was a shame to their family, being a strong Christian home.

Sandra called us and we were able to help her with food stuffs and other basic needs that we gathered through our baby showers we organize. She had to move in with a friend for free shelter and we helped her pay her medical fee.

Her mother finally forgave her daughter after a series of forgiveness letters written to her. These letters made her mother realize how sorry Sandra was and eventually after the birth of baby Peter she moved in again into her parents’ home.

Elijah, born January, 2015, Ukraine

Benitah (15yrs) found out about Gift Of Hope through our facebook page. She immediately wrote to us. We exchanged a few emails and spiritual verses. She wanted to abort before she found out that we can help save her preborn.  

Her mother was too furious and wanted to let her sleep on the streets but we cooled her down by showing her “Silent Scream”. She shed tears and we asked her is that what she wanted her daughter and grandchild to face?

Benitah was so happy and she is now a proud mum and her mum is supporting her and the baby. The whole family now reads the bibles and have a family bible study which makes them get closer to each other through spiritual testimonies. Several Sources Shelters has given to them free bibles and many spiritual booklets.

"Saved" baby Angella from the UkraineAngella, born December, 2014, Ukraine

When Nadia (17yrs) was 3 months pregnant she was forced to abort her baby because she was too young to take care of her pregnancy and her baby dad had run away from the responsibilities. She felt hopeless. One of her classmates, Alexia, knew about Gift Of Hope-Ukraine and the work we do. She introduced her to us and we established a good relationship with her.

This is when we taught her about prayer through our bible studies. At this point, Nadia felt warm and decided to put all her trust in God.

We talked to her mum who was surprised to hear about our work. We helped her with baby requirements and several other items that she needed to help her raise her baby without her mum having to be burdened.

Nadia is now back to school and her baby is being cared for by the grandparents and she is a blessing to everyone.

"saved' baby Pamela from the UkrainePamela, born May, 2014, Ukraine

Daniela (18yrs) needed help after she learned of her pregnancy. She desparately needed to abort. She did not want her peers to know that she was pregnant. She tried aborting but failed. When her mother learnd of her pregnancy, she pleaded with her not to abort. But Daniela wanted to abort because she was afraid of what her friends would think of her when the pregnancy physically began to  show.

Her mum knew about Gift Of Hope-Ukraine through her church she attends. She talked to us to help her save her grandchild. We were introduced to Daniela who did not want to hear anything about God and babies.

We gave her “Silent Scream” to watch. This is when she realized that she would be murdering her own baby, and she learned of the side effects of abortions. She was all tears and immediately chose life for her baby.

Her mother fully supports them, both mother and baby. Keep praying for Daniela to love God more. The bible we gave her is doing a great job. She keeps reading it and loves it.

Baby Grace from the UkraineGrace, born May, 2012, Ukraine

Ellen (18yrs) was 2 months pregnant and seriously thinking of an abortion. She knew about Gift of Hope Ukraine through facebook. Ellen is a student and entirely depends on her parents. She never wanted to break the bad news about her being pregnant to her parents, since they were going through an economic crisis. She thought getting rid of her baby would be a better way out.

When she wrote to me about her situation, I encouraged her to focus on the positive. I asked her to look at the birth of Jesus Christ and how Mary had to live with a pregnancy she never knew how she conceived. But now we are all living a good life because her son died on the cross for our sins.

At first Ellen was hesitant to listen to my words but when I showed her the babies at Several Sources that Kathy had saved and how big they are now, she re-gained her consciousness and focused on how her baby would bring her joy.

I collected a few items for her baby and, through Kathy’s help, I have been able to buy some food for her baby. We are still trusting in God for more provisions for the baby. Ellen will be graduating in 2014.

Saved Baby John from the UkraineJohn, born February, 2013, Ukraine

Sally (21yrs) was 4 months pregnant when she got to know about Gift of Hope. She had had several abortions before and wanted to abort again but needed counseling. When she approached me through a friend I had helped before save her baby, this made her feel better since she had heard testimonies from her friend.

Her major problem was isolation. She did not know how society would accept her with a child whose father was not married to her. I made her realize that her opinion about her future mattered more than what the rest of the world would say about her. I knew that she wanted to save her baby’s life but only needed the right counseling and comfort. I actually kept on translating to her in Russian the articles Kathy had sent to me about her saved babies. So she read all the stories and simply changed her mind. She kept her baby and now her parents are helping her out as she continues to study.

Saved baby Angella from the UkraineAngella, born January, 2013, Ukraine

Allicia (19yrs) got to know about us through facebook. She wrote in asking for help as she was 4 months pregnant and she had no one to talk to since everyone around her was judging her according to her situation. She opened up to me and she felt more loved.

Her main worry was dropping out of school and putting an end to her future dreams. I talked with her and gave her examples of girls who gave birth while at school. She actually got to meet one of them who had graduated the year before. This gave her confidence and, through counseling and guidance, she was able to keep her baby. Her mother now takes care of Angella as Allicia continues with her studies.

Saved baby Sebastine from the UkraineSebastine, born July, 2012, Ukraine

Angella (25yrs) was 2 months pregnant and considering an abortion clinic because that was all she could think about at that moment. I met her as she was on her way to the clinic.  She is my schoolmate and I noticed that she was troubled. I asked her to open up to me and that God ALWAYS makes a way.

She and her boyfriend were actually contemplating on whether to keep the baby but her main worry was being asked to leave the hostel and rent a full apartment which would be so expensive.

I asked her to think about her baby’s thoughts in the womb and how badly her little one loved her. Tears rolled down her eyes and she felt she just couldn’t do it. I asked her to leave the rest to me and that I would help her look for help. Right away, I got her help from a few church members and, with the help of the benefactors, I have been able to buy milk and groceries for the baby.

Saved baby Jasmine from the UkraineJasmine, born May, 2012, Ukraine

Rosie (20yrs) is a student from Angola but now studying in the Ukraine.

When she was 5 months pregnant her father, who was taking care of her needs, died. Her dad knew about the pregnancy but her mum wanted her to abort it. Rosie was given options either to abort or continue with her studies. This was hard for her to choose. She decided she had to abort her baby.

The second time she became pregnant, she never told anybody about it and I got to know about it when she needed counseling. I asked her not tell her mum about it until she was done with school.

She is now in her final year at the information technology faculty and will be graduating this year with a bachelors degree.

Her mum is supporting her with the baby and during the winter break baby Jasmine was taken to Angola in order for Rosie to study for her final exams. Rosie always praises God on high.

Saved Baby Regina from the UkraineRegina, born April, 2013, Ukraine

Rita ( 21yrs) is a student in the Ukraine from Namibia.  She got in touch with me through her friend who happens to be my classmate from the Ivory Coast.

Rita was 7 weeks pregnant and was told by her boyfriend to abort her baby. She was completely torn apart and desperately needed guidance since she was hesitant about the abortion. Her boy friend had threatened to kill her if she kept the pregnancy because he was no longer interested in her.

Rita tried 3 times committing suicide but all in vain. She overdosed herself with aspirin but all these failed. She was admitted to hospital a number of times but still she was so miserable. When I talked to her, I asked her to keep her baby because that is all that mattered at the time.  In fact, she was anemic and anorexic. I began helping her out with the funds Gift of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center provides for mothers in need of help. Step by step she gained back herself and I took her for checkups. Above all, I asked her to trust in God for miracles since she was so doubtful about how her life and her baby's would be like.

Lucky enough, her school helps her out by providing her notes with the classes she misses. At times, I help her out with buying groceries. We are still praying that God makes a way for her.

Saved baby Jordan from the UkraineJordan, born April, 2013, Ukraine

Martha (21yrs) was 3 months pregnant when she was  desperately seeking an abortion clinic. Her boyfriend was not interested in keeping the pregnancy and Mary was financially unstable.

She was a 3rd year student at the information and technology university. She learned of the Gift of Hope Help Center through the advertisement I put up in different schools. She called me and we talked about her situation. We prayed together and asked God for guidance and wisdom. I asked her not to tell her mum about it because I was afraid of her education and support  stopping from her parents. Actually, this helped a lot. Her mum kept on supporting her. Now that the baby is born, she is still going to school and with all her school fees covered, she will be graduating in 2014. We thank God for such miracles.

Saved Baby Alice from the UkraineAlice, born February, 2013, Ukraine

Nancy (19yrs) is a first year student from Namibia but now studying in the Ukraine. When her pregnancy was 4 months old, she happened to be in the church congregation when I was baptising my baby Katrina, and I talked about my testimony and how God is present in our times of trial. I also talked about the Help Center. She told me that at the time she heard my testimony she was preparing for an abortion because she had no hope left in her.

I thank God for Gift of Hope. I gave her a flyer for the Gift of Hope Help Center and and she contacted me immediately the following day. She was torn in tears and her speech was faint. She needed spiritual growth and I forwarded to her the emails Kathy writes to me about "daily thoughts".  This made her gain h0pe in God. I kept on showing her videos Kathy had sent to me about the babies saved at the Several Sources Shelters and the mothers’ stories. This made a big difference in her life.

With the help of volunteers in the Ukraine, I have been able to collect her a few baby items and one of my friends who is graduating and waiting for her transcript is helping her raise the baby while she is at school. We are still believing in God for more help.

Saved baby Beatrice from the UkraineBeatrice, born November, 2012, Ukraine

Candice (21yrs old) got to know of the Gift of Hope Help Center when she was 5 months pregnant. At the time, her boyfriend never wanted anything to do with her. He felt like he was a man of respect and his wife would not believe that he cheated on her. He was a married man with 2 kids already. Candice never knew about his marital status since he was always not wearing his ring and they had never discussed about it.

When she was pregnant, that is when she found out and she immediately felt she needed an abortion. When she heard of the stories from other girls about how we help choose life for pre-borns, she contacted me and I straight away gave her THE SILENT SCREAM to watch. This greatly made her choose life for her baby even though the baby father threatened to kill her if she kept her pregnancy and if the wife got to know about it.

I asked her to keep it silent and wait for her baby’s arrival. The fact that we kept in touch and I would always check on her whenever she needed help kept her going strong. When the baby arrived, the baby dad took so much care of her even though they had ended the romantic relationship.


Anthony, born June, 2016, Uganda

Angella (20yrs) wants to thank all the benefactors of Several Sources in a special way. She says she will never forget such darling friends like you. All she wants is for God to give you long and healthy lives. She sends you lots of hugs. The van is helping her take her child for immunization and postnatal care. She is simply happy and ready to help someone in return.

Tony, born June, 2016, Uganda

Above, Prim holds baby Tony born weighing 3kg. His mum (Sarah 17yrs) is grateful for all the love, financial, and spiritual support you have given to her. She goes on to ask the almighty God to bless our dearest benefactors.

"When I felt like all hope was lost I was given a new loving family which I am fully attached to. My Several Sources family has made me believe in a new beginning. I feel renewed and ready to work hard to see my baby grow up into a responsible boy. Apostle Ann’s writings have strengthened my faith in God and I now believe that without my problems I would never have had such great friends like Kathy and Prim. I love you all at Several Sources."

Elijah, born May, 2015, Uganda

When Ritah(17yrs) was 10 weeks pregnant she lost her parents in an accident. All she had left was her baby dad who was not ready to man up and take up his responsibilities. He ran away from her knowing that he would be Ritah’s sole provider. This is when Ritah wanted to abort her pregnancy. She tried several local herbs to help her get rid of the pregnancy but it all failed. Ritah, being a christian, she sought for help from her local church. This is when the church contacted Gift of hope-Uganda. We have been able to help Ritah go back to school and help her raise her baby.

Flavia, born March, 2015, Uganda

Stella (15yrs) never wanted to abort her baby when she was 3months pregnant but her parents could not take the shame from the society. Everyone named them as bad parents so they decided to get the shame off their house. She forced Stella to abort. Stella had watched the Silent Scream video before from health education conferences at her school and she declined the abortion. This is when her world came to an end - her parents disowned her. She went to church for shelter. One of the nuns at church knew about Gift of hope-Uganda and she immediately contacted us. We have been able to help her and we got her shelter which we pay for monthly using funds we get from Several Sources Shelters and from baby showers.

James, born March, 2015, Uganda

When Stecia (16yrs) was 2months pregnant her parents wanted her to abort her pregnancy. At this point she was torn apart. She did not want to disappoint her parents but at the same time she was afraid of death since all her life she believed that abortion leads to death. Stecia’s cousin knew about Gift of hope-Uganda through social media. She advised her to seek help. We wrote a letter to her parents the same as Kathy always writes to parents of young girls in the U.S. We were able to convince her parents. They have been so supportive and Stecia is now back to school.

Gloria, born December, 2013, Uganda

Alexandra (22yrs) was 4 months pregnant when she was thrown out of her husband’s house and told to get somewhere else to live. Her husband had gotten a new wife and did not want anything to do with the pregnancy or Alexandra. She had cto spend two nights on the streets looking for shelter and food. This is when a lady who knew about Gift of Hope brought her to us. We got her a room to live in with the funds Several Sources Shelters provides to us.

Faith, born November, 2013, Uganda

Shadia (17yrs) was pregnant from a christian man and, her being muslim, her parents wanted her to abort her baby. They claimed that religion does not allow non-muslims to marry their daughter so she ran away from home. She did all this to keep her pregnancy but she had no support. She ran to her auntie who helped her raise funds for abortion since Shadia had also given up on keeping her baby. The abortion was unsuccessful due to lack of enough funds. Shadia saw us on Facebook and immediately asked for help. She is now a proud mother. All thanks to the love from Several Sources Shelters.

Gift of Hope Uganda women receiving ultrasounc

Patrica, due November, 2013

This is Patricia, 26 years old, at 7 months pregnant. When she was 2 months pregnant, she tried using local herbs to abort her baby. 
This was not successful because her baby still kept on growing in her womb.

At the time of her recovery from the unsuccessful abortion, she came across our sign post in the village for Gift of Hope Uganda and she immediately called us for help.

Her baby dad is a drunkard and can't support them so he tried killing her because he was afraid of responsibility.  But all in vain, Patricia still lived.

We advised her to move to another city where we support her with a few groceries and needs.  She decided to keep her baby because of the love and care we showed her.

She took her sonogram free of charge at the health center that works hand in hand with us. She says she can't wait to kiss her baby girl.

And all thanks to Several Sources Shelters for the support.